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Caravan Customer Testimonial 16

Trevor And Mel Tell Us Why They Decided To Buy A Luxury Off Road Caravan From Elite

They love the quality of finish and design layout. Wherever they travel, other caravan owners want to look inside and photograph their Elite caravan.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 17

Gunel And Kristian Are Impressed By The Elite Caravans' Off Road Caravan Range

They talk about how they have no comparative caravans in Europe and would like to take an Elite caravan back with them to Norway.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 18

Carol And Graham Researched Thoroughly Before Choosing Their Elite Caravan

Carol And Graham enjoy travelling around our beautiful country. Next, their off to Darwin.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 19

Sharon And Lee Love The Quality And Features Offered By Elite Caravans

They explain that Elite offered the best quality caravan they could find. They needed to accommodate for 4 kids plus themselves and were able to change the layout to suit their needs.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 20

Cliff Tells Us It Was Love At First Sight When They Saw The Murray Luxury Caravan

His wife Kath fell in love with the Elite Murray caravan, instantly. As a tradie, Cliff could see the quality of workmanship. He says that when towed, you wouldn't know it was on the back.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 21

Peter Owns The Atlantic Luxury Caravan, Modified To Suit His Needs

Peter explains that the design layout offers better utilisation of space. He particularly loves the club lounge in his Elite caravan.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 14

Phil And Doris Are First Time Caravan Buyers

Good suspension and external features were Phil's priorities but Doris was focused on the interior.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 15

Wayne And Wendy Make The Step Up To An Off Road Caravan By Elite

They discuss how the single axle Off Road caravan and a lot more ticked the boxes.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 11

Bill And Anne Long Term Caravanners Discuss Their Elite Caravan

They have had many vans but the Elite has been their favorite.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 12

Long Time Caravanners Pat And Carol Discuss Why They Purchased An Elite Caravan

The perfect layout and nice colors and a great oven where big priorities for picking the caravan to suit all their needs.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 13

Clive And Lyn Talk About What Impressed Them With The Elite Caravan

East-West bed took there fancy so they found the perfect layout with the Elite Caravan.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 1

Neil And Paula - Eildon Series 8 LE Luxury Caravan

Neil and Paula describe what their Elite Caravan is like and why they chose to buy an Elite.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 2

Sharon And Ian Discuss Their Balistic Off Road Caravan Purchase

They discuss the features that attracted them to the Balistic Off Roader.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 3

Atlantic Luxury Caravan Owners Margaret And Peter Discuss Their Travels

Margaret and Peter share their views and experience with an Elite Atlantic.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 4

Denis And Greg Talk About Why They Purchased A Murray Series 2

Denis and Greg tell how they found themselves purchasing an Elite Caravan.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 6

Pat And Laurie Review The Murray Series 2 Luxury Caravan

Pat and Laurie describe what made an Elite stand out when they selected their dream van.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 5

Aermin And Alex Explain Why They Purchased A Murray Series 2 Luxury Caravan

Aermin and Alex explain why the Murray Series 2 ticked all the boxes.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 8

Peter And Maya Talk About What Attracted Them To Elite's Off Road Caravans

Stepping up from a camper trailer, Peter explains the mix required for the off road caravan with comfort was found with the Elite. They found the modern finish rare in the industry but what stood Elite apart.

Caravan Customer Testimonial 7

Ross And Marlene Discuss Why Elite Became Their Caravan Of Choice

It can take a lot of research to find your perfect caravan. New Elite owners explain the magnetic effect an Elite had on them.

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