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Custom Caravan Manufacturing By Elite

Cosmetic Coach custom caravan
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If you are like most 2nd or 3rd time caravan owners you know exactly what you want in your ideal caravan. We also know that it is impossible to find a caravan "off the shelf" that matches your every desire.

That's exactly the position you need to start with for our Elite Bespoke service. We will build the caravan to YOUR wish list, not the manufacturers.

We are at the forefront of Australian caravan innovation and design. So we actually LOVE the Custom design work.

When it comes to color choice, you can use our color pallets from one of Australia's premier designers or make the interior look like anything from the inside of a log cabin to a luxury apartment. Exteriorly we can make a color match to your tow vehicle, so the whole package looks like it came out of the same factory.

If it is the far corners of Australia you have on your "destination wish list" we can design a powerful off road caravan to get you there. We will install the combination of the latest in green power sources with the most efficient appliances and technology in your caravan, enabling you to go off road and stay at those magical places for longer.

We understand the key to your perfect caravan is space and functionality. With an Elite Bespoke caravan, you, along with our experts in structural engineering, can design the space you need and where you need it. When it comes to slide outs, we have just completed 18 months of rigorous research and development into the best mechanisms on the market (we where astonished at the variation in speed, reliability and even amount of space each created). Naturally we chose the best and we'll reveal the findings with you if it is a slide out you are seeking. With the perfect layout, you can hit the road for longer without the feeling of living on top of each other.

For the passionate gadget owner, if you need it or would just "like to" incorporate your favorite gadgets with you on your travels, then we WILL create a design to safely fit it into your dream caravan.

We know you will be travelling to the warmer parts of our country and therefore, we have many exterior options like an outdoor slide-out kitchen to make outdoor living more enjoyable.

After you do drive out the Elite driveway with your new custom van hooked up we will have you covered as you explore Australia via Elite Assist, the best nationwide service network with 24/7 "Campsite assistance".

Elite Caravans has won the award of excellence for Caravan Manufacturer of the year by CTIAV (2015) and by CIANSW (2013), so you can be comforted in the knowledge that it independently stands up against the best competition.

We will provide you with a team to design your caravan to exact desired specifications. Along with the high integrity structural engineering and aerodynamics to ensure it saves you money to travel to more places on your pension or Super.

If you are taller or shorter than most, why not ask for extra height (we have done it before) and a longer bed. Or get the caravan designed with smaller bench tops and all the appliances within easy reach.

What's more, it doesn't cost you anything to ask.

Let's start with the question we ask all our VIP customers...How can we design a custom caravan to make the camping experience more enjoyable?

Contact us to make your caravanning dreams come true.

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