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LATEST NEWS - see our latest informative videos and posts

Elite Caravans Wins 2015 Manufacturer Of The Year By The CTIAV

We are proud to be recognised for our efforts to produce the best caravans available.

Taking out this award just solidifies the hard work and dedication of our team. It also provides us confidence that we're delivering a quality product, and seeking the right path in innovation” said Mr Cappola.


A Special Custom Built Caravan For The Feathertop Winery

At Elite Caravans, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver what you request. When Boynton's Feathertop Winery asked, can you build this caravan, we said YES! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

Elite Caravans Joins Reno Rumble Madness!

Coming Soon: The Discovery Channel To Feature Elite Caravans

Elite Caravans At The Victorian Caravan, Camping And Touring Supershow

Caravan Supershow

We had a great time at the Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow, where we released two of our brand new off-roaders - the Balistic Raiserback and our Goulburn Off-Road, with a full club lounge.

Elite's Custom Boat Motor Holder

Caravan Boat Motor Holder

Another first for Elite is this custom boat motor holder designed specifically for the caravan. It provides a secure and easy means to store your engine.

We Put The Goulburn Off-Roader Through The Sand Test

Goulburn Off-Road Robe

When we test a van we really put it through it's paces.

Goulburn Offroader and Dirty Harry were put through their paces over the sand dunes. This test drive was conducted in Robe, South Australia.

Elite Caravans Moves To A New Manufacturing Plant

New Manufacturing Plant

We needed something larger to keep up with demand.

It has been a big week at Elite Caravans as we relocated to a new Manufacturing Plant. Watch the video to see what Elite Caravans HQ looks like now. The new address is 40 A&B Glenbarry Rd, Campbellfield, VIC 3061.

Sneak Peek Of Some Serious 4WD Action!

Robe Sneak Peek

We love to put our vans through their paces.

Enjoy this "sneak peek" footage of Elite's Goulburn and Dirty Harry taking on some serious sand dunes.

It's Nice To Be Recognised

WUDU Award

What's Up Downunder caught up with Elite to discuss the new award and new features.

Elite won Best Caravan display at the recent Sydney Supershow. The video also highlights two of the new features released in early 2014 for Elite.

It's Why We Choose Hella Lights

HELLA Quality

At Elite, we always looks for the best products to include our caravans.

This video explains why HELLA lights are installed throughout our luxury vans.

We've Had So Many Nice Comments About Our New Luxury Class Caravans, It Made Peter Sing And Dance...Literally - Check Out The Video

Luxury Class - The Musical

After a little luxury in your life?

The Luxury Class range may be the caravan for you.

Elite Becomes The First To Be Accredited With Peak Industry RVMA

RVMA Accreditation

Elite proves it's quality by being the first to reach the accreditation standards.

Early 2013, the peak industry body for the Australian Caravan Industry the RVMA developed an accreditation program to raise the standard of caravan manufacturing in Australia.

Elite Caravans became the first company to be accredited and this video explains the goals of the industry and why Elite Caravans was awarded the accreditation.


Dirty Harry Caravan

Love remote locations? Dirty Harry Off-Roader will get you there!

Seeing Is Believing...

Elite Caravans Are Luxurious?

What makes Elite Caravans special?

We give our customers full independence, with luxury, convenience and comfort.



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